Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saying Goodbye to 2011

The only word that can describe 2011 is 'change' ~ though filled with both happy and sad moments, they were significant life changers for hubby and me.

In May, daughter #2 graduated from high school.

Graduation Day!

Grad photo

In August, we lost my dad.  And while it's been four months, it still hits me out of the blue and the tears fall.  I miss him so very much.  We are so lucky and blessed that for the last 7 months of his life he spent it with us here in Colorado.

Me and my dad, circa 1966.

My dad and Eden (daughter #1), circa 1991

I have this same picture of my dad with Haley, too, but can't find it!

UPDATED 01/19/2012  I found the picture!

My dad and Haley, 1994

In August, daughter #2 became a University of Colorado Buffalo!

 Haley and her two new friends, Karsen and Stephanie and school mascot, Chip.

Family weekend at CU.  Father and daughter.

With daughter #2 off to college...

Empty Nesters!!!  Well, as wild and free as we can be with three big dogs, lol.




In December, on top of the holidays, Eden graduated from college. Yah!

 Eden ~ St. Cloud State University graduate, cum laude!

Eden and Haley ~ sisters forever

Proud parents with our college graduate!

We've had a busy December.  Early in the month we helped my brother move into his new house.  Mid month while back in Minnesota for Eden's college graduation we were able to see family and friends before heading back to Colorado to celebrate Christmas with my brother and family and then Christmas at our house.

Christmas with the cousins...

 Nephew John examining the tree.

 Patiently waiting to open presents.

 Greg and Raelene

Erin, John, Greg and Paul

We even squeezed in a day of baking...

 Christmas Cut Out Cookies

 Chocolate covered pretzels


Eggnog Trifle

Christmas Eve Night ~ Santa didn't forget us!

Christmas Day Evening

We opened our socks on Christmas morning, but we waited to open presents until Luke arrived on Christmas Day night.

 Jim, doling out the loot.

 Luna thinks the big box is for her.  Libby is not too keen on the chaos.

 Eden and Luke

Haley's thermal shirts she wanted.

Vikings shirt from Haley.


Gotta love the Minnie Mouse blanket behind Luke's head. We bought new outside lights for the house this year...the boxes came in really handy for wrapping presents!

Clean up!

And me?  Well, I received a few things for my new camera~which technically was my big Christmas present (and next year's birthday present, Mother's day, Father's day, July 4th...).  My favorite gift (besides the camera) was Lightroom 3!  Yah!  I have so much to learn, it will keep me busy well into the new year.  

Well I've managed to cram a review of a few key events from 2011 and a Christmas season post all into one!

As we ready ourselves to ring out 2011 and ring in the new year, I hope you're celebrating with your loved ones and counting all your blessings.  I know I am.

2012 is shaping up to be a stellar year with Eden and Luke's wedding in June.  They've been doing a lot of planning while they've been here the last week.  It will also be exciting to find out where they're headed  once Luke gets all of his graduate school acceptance offers back.  Will it be Texas? Louisiana? Boston? West Virginia? Nebraska? Washington? Colorado?  Only time will tell.  Wherever it is, it's sure to be an adventure! (And a place for us to visit and explore!)

Jim and I are jumping into the new year with much hope and excitement as we follow our own journey as empty nesters.  Will we buy a house?  Will we move up into the mountains?  Where will our careers take us?  Where do we want them to go?  So many opportunities...and I'll be sure to share the journey with all of you!  Thanks for sharing the journey so far!

Happy New Year!

'Til next time ~ find your joy!


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