Monday, December 14, 2009

My Weight Loss Journey - Month 2

Month two of my weight loss journey went well, considering it included Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season.  For the most part my resolve has remained strong (my continued results don't hurt either).  The week of Thanksgiving I saved all my weekly points and used them on that day.  I even had a very small slice of pecan pie, my favorite!

Daughter #1 discovered a blog dedicated to Weight Watcher recipes, Gina's WW Recipes, and it's very helpful as the points are already figured out.  Additionally, I use E-tools on line to track my food and points and they have a recipe builder function where you can input all the ingredients of your recipe, determine the number of servings and it will calculate the point value for you.  This has been exceptionally helpful in calculating points for our regular family recipes.  It's really helped me realize just how many points (fat and calories) are in certain foods-- and sometimes it's just not worth it!  I guess that means I'm actually changing my thoughts and habits regarding food, which is key to long term success.  For the first time in many attempts, I actually know that I can succeed.  And, while I wish I could drop 10+ pounds a week like the Biggest Loser's do, that's not realistic nor will it help me build long term habits to stay healthy.  :)

Foods that got me through-- Fiber One Bars (again) 2 points per bar and new this month are sugar free Jello pudding cups which are 1 point per cup. I especially like the mousse chocolate flavors.

What's working for me-- Tracking and measuring my food every meal, every day.  H20 Aerobics 4 times a week.  I don't use my weekly points usually and I don't add additional points for working out.

Time for this month's results...

Month 1      -8.4 lbs 

Month 2  
                   Weekly     Total
Week 5       -1.8 lbs    -10.2 lbs
Week 6       -0.0 lbs    -10.2 lbs      Thanksgiving week
Week 7       -3.6 lbs    -13.8 lbs  **earned 5% award!
Week 8       -1.2 lbs    -15.0 lbs

Goals for Month 3:  1) Increase my activity on days I don't have H20 aerobics  2) Ensure I get my 5 veg/fruits per day.  Wish me luck!


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  1. I'm so very proud of you baby...I know you can do this.