Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Treats - Secret Fudge Recipe

We've made this fudge recipe for years.  I originally got the recipe from my mom.  It has a secret ingredient, and you'll never guess what it is!


1 lbs. butter
4 lbs. confectioner sugar
1 lbs. Velveeta cheese (yes, you read right.  I said Velveeta cheese!)
3 Tbsp. vanilla

Cut Velveeta and butter into cubes and melt in large pan, stirring constantly (cheese burns easily).  Remove from heat when melted and combined.

Sift cocoa and powdered sugar.  Sifting helps with lumps.  But, make sure you don't hit the sifter too hard...or you'll get it all over!

Mix cheese/butter mixture with cocoa and powdered sugar.  Add vanilla.  Stir until smooth.

Spread in cake/cookie pan.  Refrigerate.  When firm, cut into pieces.



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