Friday, February 12, 2010

To My Very Special Valentine

What to say to the man I've spent a quarter century loving...

I love you...

for the way you make me smile and laugh, even when I don't want to;

for the way you sing nonsense songs, making up the words as you go along;

for being a great dad to our two beautiful daughters and setting an example of the kind of man they can love; 

for surving three women and their estrogen charged moments;

for the tiny crow's feet that have appeared over the last few years and not blaming me for putting them there;

for giving me your opinion when I ask, and only rolling your eyes at me when I don't listen;

for being my biggest supporter no matter what harebrained idea I decide to pursue;

for allowing me to have two-thirds of the bed with little complaint;

for running me a soothing bath when I'm tired and sore;

for being my rock when my steps are unsteady;

for the way you laugh (and cry) at the movies, especially the sappy ones I drag you to. 

You make me feel special every day.

The road has not been without its bumps, curves and flat tires, but I'm thankful that I've traveled that road with you.  I'm looking forward to where the road will lead us in all the years to come.

Happy Valentine's Day, Jim.  I love you.


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