Saturday, June 19, 2010

Celebrating June!

June for our family brings many celebrations-- a nephew's birthday, daughter #1's birthday, father's day, my aunt's birthday, my cousin and his wife's anniversary and my niece's birthday.  We celebrated many of these events while Daughter #1 was here in Colorado earlier in the month.

John, our nephew, turned 5 on June 4th.
We celebrated with cupcakes and a barbecue!


Daughter #1 turned 21 years old!  How can that be? 
I'm not old enough to have a 21 year old.  Huh.

Ahhh, she left one candle for Luke...

Opening Presents...


Better Than Sex Cake...Eden's choice of birthday cake!

Father's Day! 
Jim wanted a hammock.
So the girls and I got him a hammock.

Setting up the hammock...

Trying it out for the first time...

"Come on girls, let's get a picture with your dad," I said.

"MOM! Hurry up!  The sun is making my eyes water!" they all said.
But I wasn't deterred.

Eden turns to her father, "Tell me again why you bought her that camera."
Haley, who has to live with me and my camera, is still smiling...
Meanwhile, Jim has just given up and shut his eyes...

"OMG, just shoot me now," Eden said.

Happy Father's Day Babe!

My Auntie celebrates her birthday June 20th.
Happy Birthday Aunt Bev!

My cousin, Shannon, and his wife Emilee celebrate
their first wedding anniversary!
Happy Anniversary Shannon & Emilee!
Here's to many more years of wedded bliss!

My niece, Erin, celebrates her Sweet 16!
Happy Birthday Erin!

          Erin and her dad.             Erin and Paul on trampoline.

Sweet 16!

Until next time...