Monday, December 12, 2011

My Little Man

This past weekend Jim and I helped my brother move into his new house.  I brought my camera to document this fun filled (*sarcasm*) event but we were so busy packing and moving I didn't take one picture.  Bad Kelly, bad Kelly.

My brother, Greg, and I did get a little break for an hour when we went to my nephew, John's, basketball game.  Greg is their coach.  Here I did take pictures!

My Little Man

listening to the coach

say what?

lining up before the start of the game

running down the court

[my brother the coach] giving pointers to players on the bench

watching the ball

paying attention to the game while the other players get their turn - not

dribble, stop, jump, shoot!

father and son

Why do I call him my little man?

~Because I've watched him grow since he was 20 months old (he's now 6).
~Because I'm his favorite Auntie (well, at least from my point of view and since this is my blog, that's the POV that counts!)
~Because I let him get away with just about everything~within reason (I'm practicing for my future grandchildren.)

We did get them all moved.  I'm too old for all this physical labor. I ache in far too many places.  Thank goodness we had a lot of help!  

I edited the photos with PW's seventies action.

Til next time ~ find your joy!  I did!

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