Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Over the last two days we've received about a foot of snow, with 2-4 more inches forecast for tonight.  Since our human babies have flown the coop, I have to take photos of our fur babies--and my hubby.

We were out playing in the snow and I snapped a few shots of the dogs playing in the powdery white stuff.  They had a blast...well, Luna and Libby did.  Bleu is not overly fond of the cold on her feet.  Nor does she like to pose for me and my camera.  Libby and Luna are hams.

Oh, and I'm LOVING my new camera!

Warning!  This post is photo heavy!



Bleu (see, look at the stern look she's giving me!)

Libby and Luna love to chase/catch snowballs.  The next few are a series of them chasing after one.

 Waiting for Jim to throw a snowball.

Luna watches it fly overhead.  Libby's on it!

 "Where'd it go?"

 "There it is!"

 "I got it!"

"I love the snow!"

 Posing for mom and her camera.




Hubby cleaning off the car.

I also took a couple of the snow in the trees.

Beautiful.  Peaceful.  Perfect.

Til next time ~ find your joy!

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