Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Adventures | Grand Lake, Colorado

Part two of our summer adventure up and over Trail Ridge brought us to Grand Lake, Colorado.  It's a wonderful mountain town that sets on a beautiful mountain lake.  Other than the mountains that surround the town, it felt like we were in northern Minnesota.

There was a BBQ festival! 

Grand Ave is the main street through town.

Main street.  It was a hopping place.

We had ice cream.  I had 1/2 scoop of cookie dough and 1/2 scoop mint chocolate chip.  Hubby had a scoop of mocha.  Even on a cooler, rainy day it tasted good.

A stone on the corner telling us of the history of the corner building.  It's now a gift shop packed to the brim with neat stuff.  Many of the shops in Grand Lake were full of art and artsy crafts as opposed to the touristy junk.  Oh, and hubby's foot.


There was a classic boat show as part of the festivities.  The wood boats were gorgeous, the workmanship unbelievable.

The lake is huge as far as Colorado lakes go, and from what we could see part of a chain of lakes.  It was an overcast and rainy day and the picture just doesn't do the beauty of the lake and surrounding mountains justice.

On our way home.

It was a wonderful day.  **contented sigh**

Til next time ~ find your joy!

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