Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Almost Heaven, West Virginia

At the end of July, Daughter #1, Eden, and her new hubby, Luke, headed east to West Virginia where he'll start graduate school later this month at the University of West Virginia.  Luke was first accepted into their MA program as an O'Brien fellow and then shortly thereafter won a Swiger fellowship into their PHD program.  First ever UVW student accepted directly into a PHD program as an undergrad.  He's one smart cookie.

We were able to combine our trip to Minnesota to see them off with the task of sorting through my dad's house to get it ready for auction.

My brother, nephews, hubby and I were there for a few days going through my dad's things and then Daughter #2 flew in to Minnesota and she and hubby headed east with the newlyweds to Morgantown, West Virginia.

The truck is loaded and ready to go.

 My little man.  He spent the morning playing with Luke's family dog, Vader.

Ann, Luke's mom, has this gorgeous hydrangea tree near their front door.  It has the biggest blooms.  I want one.

 Checking everything twice...

Ready to go!

Luke, Eden with cousins Paul and John.

The posse headed east...Jim, Luke, Eden and Haley.  Don't the guys look tough?  Good thing they are...because the apartment on the other end was on the 3rd floor with no elevator!

 Luke, Eden and Vader.

Luke's sister, Rachel, Luke, Eden and Luke's mom, Ann.

Hubby, Luke, Eden, Me and Haley.

The newlyweds ready to get on with it!

Daniel Boone.

Even though we've lived 1000 miles from daughter #1 for the last five years while she attended college, she was surrounded by family, Luke's family and life long friends.  Now she and Luke are off on this new adventure on their own and they're even farther away from us.

But, this is a good thing.  So while my heart pangs a little because they truly are out on their own, we know they'll do great.

Plus, now hubby and I have a new place to go visit and explore!

I'm already planning a trip this fall to visit and help Eden refinish some furniture!

Til next time ~ find your joy!

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