Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Luna!

Our furry baby turned 2 years old yesterday (Friday 4/20).  While she may be the baby, she's 105 lbs of brute muscle and a teddy bear all-in-one.

Happy Birthday Luna Bear!

Yes, I made her pose with a crown and a couple leis.  She was none too happy about it.  But she humored me.  I think I offended her sensibilities.

Yes, that's raw hide goop around her mouth (all the white stuff).  She had a lot of treats on her birthday, including a taste or two of the fatty meat from some ribeye steaks we had grilled a few days ago.  Our dogs seldom get people food.  She was in heaven.

And, Yes, we had her shaved about 3 weeks ago.  She looks a little dorky (we keep that to ourselves), but she loves how it feels and I love the lack of loose hair in the house!  See pictures of her normal mane here and here.

Til next time ~ find your joy!

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