Monday, October 5, 2009

Photoshop Baby!

Photography is my hobby.  More than that even, it's my passion.  I LOVE trying to capture that one moment in time!  I probably go a bit overboard--for example, I take close to 300 shots at every one of my daughters cross country meets (the ones I attend).  In my defense, I'm putting a slide show together for their season-end banquet, and making a copy for each member of the team, and I want to have good photos of each of the runners.

This weekend I finally settled down with a book from the library on Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.  Actually, I checked out 5 different books, and found the one I liked best before I jumped into buying one.  Now I've found the one I have to have.  I've had the program for months, and fiddled with it a little, but it's not intuitive.  You NEED a book to understand everything, plus there are so many steps you need a reference to use again and again, because you'll never remember them all, at least I won't.

Below are a few pictures of my nephew that I played with in photoshop.  Yup, it's official, I'm addicted.  Enjoy!

Original (or as I've seen several photographers refer to as SOOC-straight out of camera)

Edit #1

Edit #2 (softer)

Ah, now that's my little angel, ah, I mean man.  :)

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