Saturday, January 16, 2010

Photo Collages

This past week I happened on a blog post about using Picasa to make easy collages for the header on your blog.  I've used Picasa for about a year.  It's a free Google download and is similar to Flickr and Photobucket.  I used it mainly as a way to share my photos online with others.  It was really handy this past XC season...I think I took over 1200 pictures and shared them all with the other XC parents.

After reading the blog post, I thought I would delve into Picasa and see what I can do with it.  (Although I do have a collage as my new blog header, I didn't do it in Picasa, I used Photoshop Elements.) Surprisingly, creating a collage was extremely easy.  There are different layouts you can choose from...I liked the square boxes...speaks to my sense of symmetry.  Hmm, who knew.  I'll have to see what else I can do with Picasa.

I thought I would share what I created.  Note the bottom two are a series of old photos I scanned--they are not as clear as the digital photos.  :)


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