Friday, November 27, 2009

The Best Thanksgiving EVER!

Since moving to Colorado, we’ve spent Thanksgiving at my brother’s home in Parker, Colorado. It’s a wonderful new tradition and this year was no different. I spent Wednesday preparing our food contributions—wild rice (which is not very plentiful here in CO, at least not like in MN), orange fluff salad, artichoke dip and chips, and Thanksgiving cut out sugar cookies. Daughter #2 went down on Wednesday to hang with her cousins and Jim and I headed down after the turkey buster H2O class Thursday morning.

We were gathered in my brother’s kitchen, I’d just taken care of the food I’d brought, putting the wild rice and artichoke dip in the oven, the salad in the fridge and the cookies on the counter. Suddenly, a voice behind me said, “Happy Thanksgiving, Mom.” It took me a moment to realize that Haley was in front of me, not behind me. I turned to find Daughter #1 smiling. My brother and sister-in-law had flown her in from MN for Thanksgiving to surprise Jim and me (and Haley too, but of course since Haley went down a day early, she knew Eden was already here. Eden arrived Wednesday night).

Joyful tears and hugs ensued.

Eden is here until Saturday evening, when she’ll catch a flight back to MN. She’ll be back for two weeks over Christmas break.

It was the best gift ever! Christmas came early for the McKees! Who knew my brother was so sentimental.  And I just can't stop smiling...

Eden & John

Nobody wanted to carve the I did!

Jim eyeing the food...

Better Than Sex Cake...made Friday at Eden's request.
It was oozing goo!

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