Friday, January 30, 2009

Fill'er Up!

It’s late. I’m tired. I’m blogging!

I started this venture gung-ho and ready to rock the world with my thoughts and prose, fulfilling my dream of being a writer. But, alas, the joys, the demands, and the needs of those most important to me, in other words, life, has gotten in the way after my first post.

Springtime is one of my favorite, but most hectic times of the year, mostly because it brings the closure of another school year and the demands of end-of-the-school-year banquets, award ceremonies, parties and graduations. It also brings the excitement for my offspring that they’ve completed another year of education and are ‘off’ for the summer! Woohoo! As I get older, I suffer from a bit of jealousy when this annual ritual begins with the days growing hotter and the sun brighter.

When my kids were younger, my envy was driven by a yearning to be home with them for the summer months sharing quality and quantity family time instead of working in an office building. As I’ve grown older and my kids have become teenagers verging on young adults, there’s still a yearning and a need to share quality time, but my teens now have lives of their own and the days of wondering (and hoping, on those really demanding days) when I’d have some time for myself has finally arrived!

Sort of.

The last month has been a whirlwind. I blinked and the month of May came to a close. The days were filled with track practices and meets, academic and sports banquets, and a work schedule that has become a bit more frantic. But, it’s also been filled with a visit from my daughter who attends college in Minnesota, the only home she’s ever known, and a very old friend (we’re talking high school) and his wife, also from Minnesota. I was able to take time off from work for both visits and we spent our time traversing the Colorado roads, some well traveled, some off the beaten path, sharing the Rocky Mountains (God’s country), wonderful laughter and precious time (God’s gifts) with those most important in my life.

I’ve learned one important thing over the last 20 years (well, actually many things, but those aren’t the topic for this blog)– that you can’t put things off until tomorrow. No more “I’ll do that….when I have more money….when I lose 20 lbs….when my kids are older…”
I really didn’t let life get in the way, instead I let life fill my soul and dominate my time– my cup over floweth. It was filled with family, friends, memories and fresh Coors beer from the brewery in Golden, Colorado. Okay, you know I don’t drink the phenonmenon that is hops and grain, but the rest of the adults enjoyed it!

I encourage you to do the same– no, not drink the beer. It may not happen every minute of every day, but do it and do it often, ‘it’ being whatever that something is that fills you to overflowing.

I lied, I have a lot of philosophical thoughts to share!

Until next time…fill ‘er up!
originally posted June 9, 2008

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