Friday, January 30, 2009

Looking Through My Lens

Dad, why did you buy her that camera?

This is an often posed question from my 16 year old daughter, one of the main subjects of my lens and trigger finger. A year and a half ago, for our 22nd wedding anniversary (yes, I was married when I was twelve…lol) my wonderful husband bought me a new digital camera. My husband, being the electronics nut that he is, researched all the best sellers and settled on one he thought I would like and would do what I wanted it to do. So naturally, now, for every event, for every drive up in the mountains, holiday or just because, I’m snapping pictures right and left, up and down, and sideways. I’ve taken more photographs in the last year than I have in the previous five years, trying to capture that oh so perfect moment in time.

Today, my husband and I were going through my father-in-law’s photo books and keepsakes trying to find the perfect photos and momentos to tell the story of his nearly nine decades. My father-in-law passed away December 31st at the age of 88. His memorial service is next Monday. He lived with us for the last year and a half and while it wasn’t always easy, it was worth it. My husband was able to reconnect with his father, and my youngest daughter and I were all able to hear the many stories of his life, of his childhood and the years before we knew him.

My father-in-law had many photo books and loose photos he’d collected over the years. We have them spread out on the dining room table, black and white and faded color photos of the people he loved. We are creating vignettes to put on picture boards so we can share and celebrate his life through pictures.

I love photographs. They capture a moment in time that is otherwise easily set aside or forgotten. So, my daughter (and everyone else) will just have to live with my camera in their face.

Because I never want to forget.
originally posted January 10, 2009

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