Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Adventure | Fall Colors | Nederland to Black Hawk, CO

Hubby and I have made a couple day trips into the mountains to view the fall foliage.  I thought I'd share some of the wonderful fall colors over a few posts!

 Aspen and Poplar trees.

Old Cemetery in Central City.

Old abandoned mine in Central City.

 Creek in Nederland near dusk.

A small grove of maple trees amid the aspens and evergreens.

Til next time ~ find your joy!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friday Night Lights | DCHS Homecoming

Friday night I went to my nephew's homecoming game.  No, he doesn't play football, but he was the junior homecoming king!

It's been a few years since I was last at a high school football game.  It was a brisk, but not too cold, evening and it was fun to watch the DCHS Huskies (Douglas County High School) beat Mountain Vista, 42-16.

At half time they announced the class royalty.

My nephew, Paul, and the junior homecoming queen skipped their way down the field.

My nephew, the ham.  Love this kid!

Paul, My Little Man, and my brother Greg.  Handsome bunch!

Til next time ~ find your joy!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Adventure | Blackwater Falls State Park | Davis, WV

On my last full day in West Virginia, we took a trip to Blackwater Falls State Park in Davis, West Virginia to see the waterfall.  It was a perfect fall day - sunny and cooler temps.  

Blackwater Falls.

The foliage was a lot more colorful as we drove east.  :)

To get to the state park, we passed through the most southern point of Maryland.  Three states in one trip...pretty cool!  (photo taken from the back seat through the front windshield)

Tomorrow it's time to head home to Colorado.  It's been a wonderful 5 days.  Excited to get home but can't wait to come back!

Til next time ~ find your joy!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Adventure | Luke Cooks

My son-in-law cooks.  A lot.

During my visit, Eden had to work two of the evenings.  One of those evenings Luke made us dinner.

Spaghetti.  It was yummy!

He still doesn't know what to do when I stick my camera in his face.  And he's too gentlemanly to say anything.  Gotta take advantage while I can!

Til next time ~ find your joy!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Adventure | Day Trip to Pittsburgh!

On the second day of my West Virginia trip, Eden and I drove up to Pittsburgh while Luke headed to the WVU vs Maryland football game.  My brother, a United pilot, had a layover there so we met him for lunch.

We met him at his hotel and walked to the Market Square.

We ate at The Diamond Market.  Of course, I didn't snap a photo of the actual restaurant, but they did have fabulous burgers and fries.

Greg and Eden.

Pittsburgh was much more beautiful than I ever expected.  Can't wait to explore more of the city on future visits!

Til next time ~ find your joy!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Adventure | West Virginia!

I'm here!  I made it!

So happy to be in West Virginia visiting daughter #1, Eden, and her hubby, Luke.  I flew into Pittsburgh yesterday.  I'm not a fan of flying east.  The flight from Denver to Pittsburgh is 3 hours, plus you lose 2 hours (mountain to eastern time zone) and before you know it the day is gone!

Today was my first full day in the Wild and Wonderful state.  We took a car drive to Coopers State Park and to an historic covered bridge.

Coopers Rock State Forest gets it's name from a legend about a fugitive who hid out here.  He was a cooper (a barrel maker) and supposedly resumed his trade and sold barrels to people in nearby communities. 

You can see Morgantown off in the distance.

I was hoping to be here at the peak of the fall leaves, but, alas, I'm early.   You can see some of the trees in the distance just starting to turn.

Cheat River in Cheat Canyon.

Some of the trees along the path to the lookout were sporting some red color.

The newlyweds.

My first born, but as I always say, forever my baby.

Me and my girl.  Yeah.

 Also a photography buff.

Dents Run covered bridge near Laurel Point, Monongalia County, West Virginia, built 1889. 

It was a very cool covered bridge.

Tomorrow Luke is off the WVU vs. Maryland football game and Eden and I are off to Pittsburgh to lunch with my brother, who has a layover there.

Til next time ~ find your joy!