Monday, July 9, 2012

Colorado Renaissance Festival

Since it has finally cooled off here in Colorado, we decided to do the Colorado Renaissance Festival this past weekend in Larkspur, CO.  The festival is here from June-July and then it heads to Minnesota.  (Yes, my MN family and friends, this is the same festival!)  The difference is that Larkspur, CO is at elevation 6724 feet and the grounds are on the side of a mountain, so you're constantly walking up and down hill.  My calves had a great workout!

 Queen Haley and King James.

I love the costumes.  I can't imagine how hot they were for the first weekends when our temps were high 90s and 100s.  It seemed to us that many more festival goers dress up for the event than what we remembered.

 Gorgeous horse from the parade.

 The parade.

One of the many entertainment stages.

 Lots of different animals...

 Red-tailed Hawk from the Colorado Rapture Center.

 We watched a little of the jousting tournament.

 The knights entering the arena.

 The King and Queen.

This is Sir William.  I was cheering for him to win, mostly because from a distance, he looked like Thor.  Up close...not so much.

 Preparing for the joust.


Singing bards.

It was a fun afternoon.

Til next time ~ find your joy!

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