Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Randomness

I've been a bit lax at posting lately, not so much for lack of time, but more so for lack of organization. Throughout the day, most everyday, things will pop into my head and I'll think, I really should do a post about that.  But, I don't write it down and then when it comes time to actually sit at my keyboard and type I have all of these random thoughts bouncing around in my brain and I don't know where to begin.

So, today, in honor of those random thoughts bouncing around in my brain,  I give you Randomness Thursday, or loosely translated, Tidbits I Was Able To Put Together In Somewhat Coherent Sentences.

Let us begin...

It's a beautifully sunny day today, with much less haze hovering from the wildfires up Indian Gulch (west of Golden, CO near Lookout Mountain).  It's extremely dry here and we've had gale winds on and off for the last few days.  High winds are forecast again today.  They're hoping to have the fire 50% contained by tonight.  Luckily, no homes have been damaged, and it appears they are out of imminent danger.  Let's hope it stays that way.

Update:  Another fire reported in Franktown, which is west of Parker, CO.  911 reverse calls go out.  Oy vey.

* * * * * * * * * *

My lack of organization (which is NOT my normal modus operandi) is spilling over into everyday I forgot my cell phone on the counter and I headed to work in my flip flops (had intended to change my footwear before I left for work). While they (said flip flops) don't necessarily match my outfit (which is pretty darn casual today), it could be worse.  At least it's supposed to be near 60 degrees today so I won't freeze my toes off.

* * * * * * * * * *

Twitter is a social media phenomenon.  And I love it!  I currently follow 164 other Twitter-ers (which is a pittance compared to most others!) that run the gamut from news to marketing/business gurus to inspirational speakers to writers to food bloggers to probloggers.  I follow a few celebs like George Stephanopoulos, Arianna Huffington and Martha Stewart, but I draw the line at crazy Charlie Sheen.  What I'm trying to say, is there is no rhyme or reason to who I follow.  I don't twitter to promote/gain business, I do it mainly to gleam knowledge from others.

I've tweeted 805 times in a year and a half, which in the big picture is not very much.  I am sporadic, at best, in the frequency of my tweets, although I do retweet the interesting things I come across.  I don't have to check it on a regular basis, just when I want to or have time.

It keeps me in the know, ya know?  Do you Twitter?

* * * * * * * * * *

'til next time, find your joy!


  1. I have never used Twitter, but it sounds like you're having a fun time of it. I do enjoy blogging though. Much fun. Much fun.

    Happy Good Day :-)

  2. Thanks for visiting One Woman's Blog! I do enjoy twitter, but you have to be careful, it can be a time suck, lol. But, so far I've been pretty disciplined!