Saturday, October 2, 2010

True Texas Barbecue

I have been to Dallas three times over the last two and a half months for work.  We usually go for two days/one night and after a long day of meetings, we go to dinner with our clients.  On this last visit they took us to Rudy's Country Store and BBQ for some real Texas barbecue.  In Texas, I'm told, it's not about the rub, or the sauce, it's about the meat and how it's smoked/cooked.

Now, all you Texans out there, understand, I'm only repeating what I was told.  Whether it was true Texas BBQ or not, it was fantastic!

There are some 25 locations in Texas, two in Albuquerque, NM, one in Norman, OK and, of all places, one in Colorado Springs, CO.

Main seating area.

We  chose a large table in the corner.

Vintage signs.

Loaves of bread and buckets of beer and soda.

No plates.  You eat off of butcher paper. The cream corn was unbelieveable!
Okay the smoked turkey was to die for and so was the sausage. Oh, and the ribs!  It was all fantastic.

Co-workers and Clients

Oh, it's also a gas station.

Great meeting, great clients.  Great food, great time.

All photos taken with my Droid.

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