Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Adventure | Luna's 1st Mtn Hike | Hiking Eldorado Springs State Park, CO

A couple weeks ago we took Luna, our 2 year old Great Pyrenese/Collie mix hiking in the mountains for the first time.

She loved the hiking!  The car ride, not so much.  She managed to puke three times, luckily it consisted only of dog food so it didn't smell and it landed on the rubber mat in the back of the truck (thank you WeatherTech!).  TMI, I know.

Our intent had been to go up to Rainbow Lakes, but that was more than an hour drive and we quickly realized Luna wasn't going to handle that well.  We made one stop at Boulder Canyon so we could clean up mess #1 and give her a small break from the car, then headed to Eldorado Springs State Park.  Much closer and better road.

Luna, not enjoying the ride in the back of the Explorer.

Boulder Canyon

Boulder Canyon

 Eldorado Springs State Park.  How far does this trail go?

Needing a drink of water. 

These up close and personal self portraits have to stop.  They are not flattering, lol.  But I love them.

See the shiny stuff?  Pyrite.  Fool's gold.

It was a beautiful day and Luna really enjoyed the hike.  We'll just have to figure out what to do about her car sickness.

Next time we'll bring Bleu, our standard poodle.  Unfortunately, Libby, our golden retriever, lost her eye sight about 6 months ago to glaucoma.  She does fine in the house and on our daily walks on the pavement with the other dogs to guide her, but she can no longer go on trails and uneven terrain.  We leave one dog home with her while the other gets to go on an adventure.

Til next time ~ find your joy!

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