Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Today is Haley's Senior Prom. 

Haley and three of her closest friends spent the afternoon primping in our master bathroom, readying for their last high school formal.

It took us about an hour to do Haley's hair.  She has sooooo much of it!


Haley, Bridget, Miranda and Foley (bent over).

My princess, pretty in pink, her favorite color.

Dad and daughter.

Mom and Haley.  Yes, I'm in front of the camera instead of behind it.

Once everyone was ready, we headed to the park for some fun pictures.

Foley, Bridget, Haley and Miranda.

Foley, Bridget, Haley and Miranda.  Beautiful laughter and smiles.  I love it!

My girl. Oh yes.

Bridget and Miranda.  This is one of my favorite poses.

Haley and Miranda.  Both headed to CU~Boulder in the fall.

Haley and Foley. 

Bridget and Haley in vintage form (and color!)

Heading into Safeway to pick up a boutineer.

Ooh la la.

From Safeway (Colorado grocery store), we headed to the home of one of the 13 people in Haley's prom group to take group pictures.  There had to be 40+ people in this house with all the prom goers and their parent-photographers!  I should have taken a picture of the chaos.

Haley's shoe of choice.  Being her own person.

Shoes, shoes, shoes.  The bright colors under the shoes is an inlaid sun in the hard wood floor.  It was really beautiful.

Beautiful girls.  If you can't tell, I love these vintage looking 'actions'.

The group! The colors of the rainbow.  Beautiful girls, handsome guys.

Haley's and Bridget's corsages.

A quiet moment before the festivities begin.

Backyard playhouse.

Had to get one photo with the mountains in the background.  After all, this is Colorado.

I tried to fix that shadow, but didn't have much luck.  Have to practice with my software.  But I thought this looked so 1940s.

The girls in vivid color!

Classic beauties.  It warms my heart.

Yea!  Let's get this party started!

From here they were off to go bowling, then to dinner at Turley's in Boulder.  After the dance, they have 'After Prom' which is an all-nighter of fun and games at the high school.

My baby is in the home stretch of her senior year.

I think I'll go cry now. *sniff*

'til next time~find your joy!


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